Introduction to Aluminum Extruded Fan Blades for Large Industrial Fans

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Update time : 2023-06-15 09:47:20

The fan blades of large industrial fans are the main components that form the airflow. Due to its superior anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance, as well as its weight being 33% lighter than steel while retaining most of its strength, aluminum is the preferred material for large industrial fans. Currently, there are two main processing methods for industrial fan blades on the market: one is aluminum extrusion molding, and the other is to directly bend the aluminum alloy plate into fan blades. This article will introduce the aluminum extrusion process for fan blades.

The extrusion process for large industrial fan blades made of aluminum alloy involves putting aluminum alloy billets into the mold cavity of plastic forming equipment, and applying a certain pressure and speed to force the aluminum alloy billets to flow plastically and extrude from specific mold holes in the mold cavity to obtain the required sectional shape and size. After cutting, it can be used as a fan blade.

Generally speaking, the aluminum extrusion molding of industrial fan blades requires the following processes: preparation before extrusion, rod heating, extrusion, stretching and twisting straightening, sawing (cutting), sampling inspection, packaging and storage.

  1. Preparation before extrusion Before starting the machine, check the quality of the equipment's power supply, control system, hydraulic system, and mechanical equipment, as well as the quality of the mold specifications and work belts, and the quality and settings of the extrusion barrel, extrusion pad, mold heating furnace, and extrusion barrel instrument, etc.

  2. Rod heating Check whether the alloy rod to be extruded meets the product requirements, and it must be clean to ensure no oil stains, dust, sand, and surface corrosion marks. Ensure that the aluminum alloy is heated to the required temperature for rod heating. During production, the temperature of every 5-10 rods should be measured and recorded in the production order.

  3. Extrusion The extrusion device in the extrusion equipment moves towards the mold at the required extrusion speed, and extrudes the aluminum alloy billet to form the extruded part of the fan blade by pushing it out from the mold hole of the extrusion mold.

  4. Stretching, twisting, and straightening Before straightening, twisting, and straightening, the temperature of the profile must be below 50°C, and the size and shape of the profile should be checked before and after stretching. In the initial stage of stretching (first material), the product size should be measured at the maximum shrinkage area of the product to determine the stretching rate correctly.

  5. Cutting and sawing All aluminum alloy billets in the extrusion barrel are converted into extruded parts, and the cutting equipment cuts them according to the preset size.

  6. Sampling inspection If there are specific requirements for the product structure and properties in the purchase contract, sampling must be taken and corresponding quality inspections must be carried out.

  7. Packaging and storage The extruded parts cut to the standard size are stacked and arranged by the factory department for inspection and sampling. After passing the inspection, the product qualification certificate is issued. The packaging worker needs to verify that the production card, delivery confirmation, and actual product are equal before packaging.

The above is the production process and technology of large industrial fan blades made of aluminum extrusion. Although aluminum extrusion is a mature production technology, industrial fan manufacturers still need to control the production requirements of each process in order to ensure the quality of the final fan blades.

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